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    Broke-Ass Mommy first started tracking Alexa rankings after joining the Yakezie Challenge in July 2012, when this site was only a few weeks old. Here were my rankings at that time:

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Archive for November, 2012

Has the weekend arrived all ready? Time seems to evaporate sometimes in our little apartment. Even with trembling barren branches scraping across the bedroom window and the onset of dark gray skies, time is standing still. I love jamming chilly toes into my pale gray slippers or wool socks in the morning. Sipping on Egyptian [...]

A Mish-Mash of Goals

Remember the financial goal I set for myself waaaaaay back in June? You don’t?  It was when I was determined, as a stay-at-home mommy without a reliable income stream, to forge a financial challenge at the start of summer to raise $1,000, somehow. Yeah. That financial challenge. This is how things currently stand: (All income [...]

Officially I am in this vigorous declutter-all-of-my-stuff zone. Witnessing an orgy of insatiable consumerism (propelled by events such as Black Friday) stimulates me to be cognizant of at least one thing: I have too much crap all ready. And I am so, so tired of the endless string of commercials and email blasts, urging me [...]

After a slight pause due to car toil and trouble, M. and I have successfully smoothed over and revived our envelope system of savings, despite facing a semi-dissolved emergency fund. We were looking into online savings account rates as well to help speed up our savings. We cracked open the budget last night to fiddle [...]

I love photos. Unfortunately as a busy mom, it’s difficult to focus on proudly arranging and displaying myriads of my photographs everywhere. So I was super jazzed when a high-quality canvas print arrived, courtesy of Printcopia. Printcopia specializes in canvas prints and offers a wide range of print products perfect for your business or personal [...]

While driving back to the city last night I nearly squashed a large icky rat zipping across our street, yecch! In honor of my grimy, pestilence-spreading friend, I’ve compiled this smashing Rat Race Edition of link crushin’ this week for your perusing pleasure. ahh, spreading link love (and some Sunday snoozin’) But first, I would [...]

** Sponsors have upgraded the Grand Prize to $100, woo! Enter below to win a chance at the grand prize of $50 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) or five $5 cash prizes !! Enter below to win $100.00 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) !! Hi everyone, it’s [...]

The cash portion of our family emergency fund, anyway, has nearly been wiped out… Are you in danger of being wiped out? … and quite honestly, it blows. M. took his car in for inspection and the word came back yesterday: we are facing close to $2,000 worth of car repairs. However, I keep reminding [...]

More Sunday Snoozing

Good morning on this rather spectacular Sunday. just. ugh. So far our Wee One has managed to flip Daddy’s mug on the coffee table and unravel our paper towels while we scrambled to clean up after her carnage. Currently she is running amok with the remote and trying to scale a cardboard box. Soon we [...]

This week I qualified for and completed my first focus group. It turned out to be a strange but entertaining experience. This particular group was for lip balm and each day for one week I was given a specific task to complete before bedtime. For example, during one assignment I was sent on a shopping [...]

A recent quibble between me and M.: M.:    (pops open cellophane package of a tiny satchel of peanuts) me:   (glancing at receipt, crumpled on car dash) Oh my jesus, did you just spend ten dollars on peanuts? M.:    Huh? me:   This receipt shows you just bought peanuts from that store. M.:    Mmmhmm, was hungry, and shit, these are [...]

As the delicious Autumn chill swirls through the city air, there is a riotous fluttering of crisp and golden leaves outside. Everything has such an enchanting russet undertone. Yesterday the first fragile snowflakes descended here, y’all! Lexi and I hit the wet pavement to walk three blocks to the mailbox. (Ruddy cheeks, delicate sneezes and [...]

Enter below to win a chance at $100 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) !! It is essential to make it a priority to establish an emergency fund. Having an emergency fund shapes wise financial habits and is a huge milestone once achieved. I used to live paycheck to paycheck and every [...]

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    My current financial challenge, as a stay-at-home mom, is to raise $1,000, somehow.


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