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    Broke-Ass Mommy first started tracking Alexa rankings after joining the Yakezie Challenge in July 2012, when this site was only a few weeks old. Here were my rankings at that time:

    July 10, 2012--
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Archive for December, 2012

Resolutions for 2013.

The holidays nearly are over, oof. This week I will return to my regular schedule of visiting/reading/commenting on everybody’s fabulous blogs that unfortunately I have been missing out on. And overall playing catch-up with writing duties. It has been a strange feeling to be so absent from the blogging community these past few weeks and [...]

Dear interwebs: I have dipped into a zillion different types of desserts and some spiced wine and it is GLORIOUS. Happy holidays to all—don’t get too loaded, you smurfs. a jolly ‘olly Christmas Wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year (or, as my drunk Uncle might mumble: “Merry Christmas and Happy Go-to-hell.”) hugs, me.

Noticeably I have been absent this week, and the third “Hi, are you dead?” type of email just popped into my inbox. I am fine, my zexy kittens. It just has been a frenetic, nutsy type of week. Here is a quick spewing of mental vomit, with a recap. (And apologies for wonky grammar!): Relatives [...]

Enter below to win $100.00 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) !! Have you gone buck wild with your finances and now you are broke and dwelling in the poor house with threadbare pockets? Financial responsibility begins with you. Now is the time to stop making excuses and derailing your financial progress. [...]

Apparently it’s that time again and as the countdown to Christmas continues, here is a fabulous list of articles from the personal finance community to occupy your quieter moments. So find an opportunity to buckle down and snuggle onto the couch to sip on a hot drink in your favorite mug. At the moment I [...]

Dearest Lexi, as your mommy, the things I am not. I am not your chew toy to gnaw on to test-drive pointy little incisors. Nor is my nipple. I am not The Keeper of your stuffed animals. There will be a new rule: if YOU chuck Mr. Blobby into the toilet, YOUR FATHER will fish [...]

Brrr… I am lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and you can find me scurrying about like a loony as I efficiently attempt to get everything scratched off of our to-do list. Time simply is evaporating and things are a wee berserk around here. Family is arriving from Montana on Friday evening [...]

She paints a world inside her room. A sea of violet covered stars. She finds a home inside this cold. She never sleeps enough to ever feel sane. ~Janus, “Lifeless” Okay, I’m stressed out. It’s been an insane whirl of activity with holidays and family obligations and lack of sleep due to toddler teething and [...]

Okay, this is why it totally is dangerous for me to have expendable cash burning a hole through my pocket. Because I will go all out pirate rogue and that sometimes can be a very thorny issue. Or in this case, horn-y. No, not like that, you pervs. Recently I acquired THIS from a private [...]

Enter below to win $100.00 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) !! Hello everyone, did you have a productive weekend? I am excited to announce our latest giveaway for this broke-ass Monday. With ever-increasing food prices haunting us, the theme of this giveaway will be dealing with the relevant financial issue of [...]

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