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This is SUPER awesome. With group effort an idea manifested into a book. Over the past few months, eleven supremely talented financial bloggers (plus yours truly ) contributed bits and pieces to collaborate on a very special writing project, The A-Z of Saving Money. I had a blast with creating my two chapters, and I [...]

The evolution of our finances. M. and I both have separate checking accounts from before we met. But now that we have a family, our finances have evolved into more of a cohesive unit and last year we opened a joint savings account specifically for family expenses and emergencies. However, since I pay all of [...]

Being trammeled with a zillion distractions also means I haven’t had a chance to establish my financial and savings goals for 2013. How silly of me. Face palm. So to that end, here we are, officially. It’s time to institute some financial goals for the coming months. Hurrah! I am still a stay-at-home mommy without [...]

How I try to conquer buying lust and prevent that urge to shop before it empties my wallet. Domo: Stop spending…STOP SPENDING, I SAY. When it comes to making purchases, I analyze everything to death before I buy. Here are some simple ways that help me to stay in that savings groove. I envision how [...]

I am on a quest for that perfect bag. For the past few years I have been hauling around an ultra cheap purse that quite literally is on its last threads. Little bits are starting to flake off the strap and the seams are becoming undone. The bottom is spongy and torn and getting ready [...]

Okay, this is why it totally is dangerous for me to have expendable cash burning a hole through my pocket. Because I will go all out pirate rogue and that sometimes can be a very thorny issue. Or in this case, horn-y. No, not like that, you pervs. Recently I acquired THIS from a private [...]

The cash portion of our family emergency fund, anyway, has nearly been wiped out… Are you in danger of being wiped out? … and quite honestly, it blows. M. took his car in for inspection and the word came back yesterday: we are facing close to $2,000 worth of car repairs. However, I keep reminding [...]

This week I qualified for and completed my first focus group. It turned out to be a strange but entertaining experience. This particular group was for lip balm and each day for one week I was given a specific task to complete before bedtime. For example, during one assignment I was sent on a shopping [...]

As the delicious Autumn chill swirls through the city air, there is a riotous fluttering of crisp and golden leaves outside. Everything has such an enchanting russet undertone. Yesterday the first fragile snowflakes descended here, y’all! Lexi and I hit the wet pavement to walk three blocks to the mailbox. (Ruddy cheeks, delicate sneezes and [...]

As biting and shivery weather settles forth, there have been some items I have contemplated splurging on, but the real trick has been scuffling with my (naturally) frugal nature, as a few of these will set me back a pittance. But nonetheless, they are still exquisite ways to indulge myself a teensy bit during the [...]

Woo-hoo, I am paying a bill and it is not making me grumpy! Okay. I totally get that I should not be this excited over bills—especially now that my finances are in flux—but to be honest, I was completely over the moon to pay my Discover Black card bill this month. Which is totally a [...]

I’d love a holiday home! Have you ever dreamed about stealing away in the dreary weather to a destination with constant warmth and sunshine? What about lodging in a place of your very own during your family’s winter weekend ski retreats? Buying a holiday home is an alluring luxury that promises to give you the [...]

Scrooge McDuck has long been my beloved financial hero and last night I gleefully watched these vintage Scrooge cartoons from 1967. Uncle Scrooge is giving his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie a life-lesson on finance and the nature of money, after they approach him regarding advice on what to do with their hard-earned savings of [...]

Me again, on the couch, nibbling on a hunk of zucchini bread, with locally grown zucchini and blueberries, and trying to capture my breath. My little butterbean is blessedly asleep and it is during these quieter moments that I try to pen some musings. And it is quite common for my thoughts to drift to [...]

Saving is the cornerstone to building a strong and abundant financial future. It’s past midnight. The apartment is blessedly silent and I’m curled up on the couch with my tablet, pondering this thought: I am truly amazed at how little people save. Many of my friends subsist paycheck-to-paycheck, and they believe stashing away a few [...]

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