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    Broke-Ass Mommy first started tracking Alexa rankings after joining the Yakezie Challenge in July 2012, when this site was only a few weeks old. Here were my rankings at that time:

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Archive for August, 2012

Soon I’ll return to financial topics but first I need to share some of this weird shit that has been happening to me, which started last week when I took the garbage outside and walked back into the foyer to discover a bat hanging (upside down) and guarding our door. On the inside of our [...]

Child usefulness #37—When Lexi wrecked havoc on my workspace area earlier and found her sonogram photos, which have been misplaced for months. Lexi, among the carnage. Brutal truth: My kid is much more efficient than I am. =^..^= P.S. Between typing and editing this, Lexi started to rouse and I tiptoed away, straight into a [...]

While perusing my inbox—where do these questionable emails come from? No, I don’t want to ‘browse hot singles in my area looking for no strings attached sex!’—I was offered a link that just had to be shared. From best-selling fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss (dude has a wicked ‘fro and beard combination, how could I not [...]

Economic brevity.

…me, when I was five months preggers

Time to break out the balance sheet in the hope that my finances aren’t roasting in a huge inferno of suck. Credit Card / Car Loan / Student Loan Debt: $0 Expenses: $200 on control arm for a faulty ball joint on the vehicle last week, and an additional $68 for a new axle (which [...]

Last night M. and I attempted to replace the control arm on my vehicle to fix a loose ball joint, but it was obvious something had gone terribly awry once he flipped the ignition and an explosive pop! and sickly grinding radiated from behind the tire, which produced a host of problems. Soo, since Lexi [...]

Beanie and her ball. Alexis Skye

Frugality. Prudent money management. Savings. Investing. No debt. My financial foundation. ButĀ given the caricatured scenario above, I can’t help but wonder how well college students and graduates are handling their finances. This cartoon certainly depicts M., a computer engineer, who received his Bachelors diploma—and nearly $60,000 worth of debt—from a state university five years ago. [...]

Clearing Out the Clutter

Time to diminish the piles. I’m buried beneath clutter and I despise it. My goal for the remainder of the week is to clear away all the useless crap clutter suffocating surrounding me. Our apartment is anarchy and it’s amazing how quickly clutter accumulates, taking up unnecessary space and festering in every nook and cranny. [...]

Debaucherous Foofery

Mali’o, the stuffed turtle. …one saucy snapper

Because, who doesn’t love a Broke-Ass Monday? Enjoy some of this fun free stuff circulating around the web. Broke-Ass Monday Don’t miss out on your chance to win the following items: Musings From a Stay at Home Mom is sponsoring an Extreme Cash $500 Paypal Giveaway (open worldwide; ends August 20) Are back to school [...]

Ugh. Expenses. This weekend was brutal, financially. Another wedding. (Our second within a month.) A stag party last night. And another wedding reception next weekend. M. and I calculated our wedding gift expenses, and it’s reaching such an exorbitant amount, I feel foolish (as a professed frugal-y chick) confessing the amount. I wonder how others [...]

I find it motivating to track my site’s evolution, and thus in-between plucking boogers out of my daughter’s nose—she has a raging cold—I wanted to share some site stats, as you may find them interesting as well. Broke-Ass Mommy officially launched at the end of June, when I started consistently to post, and here is [...]

Grizzled Rock Peep

An infinite grizzled rock peep.

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