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Archive for October, 2012

A little Halloween munchkin devilry. Hmm, it’s Halloween. What shall I do? I have an idea! I look eerie and spooky- ookie. Now lets see what I need for gathering loot. Dang, this may be a bit unwieldy. …a short time later… Look at the spoils I have harvested. Muahaha. Well done, me. Happy Halloween! [...]

…a muddled Monday Happy Monday, all. Hopefully everyone survived the weekend intact. Here are some personal finance reads floating around the blogosphere, for your distinct perusing pleasure: Canadian Budget Binder – Frugal Halloween Fun: Mr. Cbb’s Scary Witch Finger Cookies! Money Smart Guides – Top Ten Rare Coins of All Time Frugal Rules – Should [...]

As biting and shivery weather settles forth, there have been some items I have contemplated splurging on, but the real trick has been scuffling with my (naturally) frugal nature, as a few of these will set me back a pittance. But nonetheless, they are still exquisite ways to indulge myself a teensy bit during the [...]

A shocking disclosure. With a forecast of nearly 76°F today, I will be escaping the clutches of the internet to caper through some enchanted forest pocket of woodlands with my butter bean, and other groovy shenanigans. Enjoy those lazy days of autumn and see you tomorrow-ish. =^..^=

M. and I are fond of browsing the farmers market for fresh, locally grown produce and it has become somewhat of a tradition in our little family to attend the market every Saturday morning at the parkway five blocks from our apartment. Once we arrive home, our sacks brimming with delectable bounty, another ritual ensues—the [...]

FINALLY I have an opportunity to loll about with a cup of tea while I update my finances and catch up on some writing tasks. It took three hours to wrestle Lexi down for a decent nap today and when she insists on skipping sleep like this, she mutates into this drunk-y and crazed savage [...]

Droplets of Summer

Lexi: Let me find some crickets to feast upon. (Blurry) Spider: Git off’a my land, you #~$&@ Related posts: Debaucherous Foofery Grizzled Rock Peep Languorous Austerity Lambchops Airport Lounging

I was awoken at 5:15 a.m. experiencing chills and a raspy cough. And teeny, mealy fists tangled into my neck and hair. I felt like shit and there was Lexi, peeking at me. Grinning and talking her gibberish. Feebly I tried to coax her to lay down and snuggle into my tartan blanket, but all [...]

Because, who doesn’t love a Broke-Ass Monday with free stuff? Enjoy this special edition—the Snowflake ‘Save Small Amounts’ Giveaway! Enter below to win a chance at five $5 Paypal Cash prizes or one prize of $25 Paypal Cash!! What is the snowflake savings method? The snowflake savings method illustrates the importance of saving small amounts [...]

Lately it has been a hectic swirl of events with: an unexpected funeral, an out-of-state family camping trip, and a sickly one-year-old bobbing about while afflicted with pink eye. My goal has been to set aside personal time each day to write (a bit on this site and otherwise) while pushing through all this craziness [...]

Woo-hoo, I am paying a bill and it is not making me grumpy! Okay. I totally get that I should not be this excited over bills—especially now that my finances are in flux—but to be honest, I was completely over the moon to pay my Discover Black card bill this month. Which is totally a [...]

It was a soggy weekend for camping but we still managed to have ample fun, and on Friday night we hoisted the canoe onto our Caliber and drove a couple of hours to Willow Bay, Pennsylvania for our family weekend camping excursion. On Saturday we indulged in a brisk paddle in the canoe and chortled [...]

I’d love a holiday home! Have you ever dreamed about stealing away in the dreary weather to a destination with constant warmth and sunshine? What about lodging in a place of your very own during your family’s winter weekend ski retreats? Buying a holiday home is an alluring luxury that promises to give you the [...]

I am not dead, just zipping along in the car on our way to Willow Bay, Pennsylvania for two days of autumn camping fun. Will attempt to provide more tales from the tent as the weekend progresses. Have a superb Friday, everyone. =^..^=

Scrooge McDuck has long been my beloved financial hero and last night I gleefully watched these vintage Scrooge cartoons from 1967. Uncle Scrooge is giving his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie a life-lesson on finance and the nature of money, after they approach him regarding advice on what to do with their hard-earned savings of [...]

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