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Archive for September, 2012

Me again, on the couch, nibbling on a hunk of zucchini bread, with locally grown zucchini and blueberries, and trying to capture my breath. My little butterbean is blessedly asleep and it is during these quieter moments that I try to pen some musings. And it is quite common for my thoughts to drift to [...]

My Granpops peacefully succumbed to a battle with a prolonged illness this week and the reality of his passing is still seeping in. When I was younger, us grandkids loved to crawl through the numerous tunnels of his wine cellar and I remember it feeling like a vast labyrinth; we’d stumble and giggle down in [...]

Laughed at this nugget. Happy Monday! =^..^=

Fun things afoot and I am slacking with updates this week, I know. I am ferociously giddy with autumn wine-making. This week we harvested and pressed our wild apples and grapes, with two carboy-filled juic-y science experiments now bubbling in the kitchen with yeast and honey. And we are also busily traipsing through town with [...]

Because, who doesn’t love a Broke-Ass Monday? Enjoy some of this fun free stuff circulating around the web. Broke-Ass Monday Don’t miss out on your chance to win the following items: Hurry coffee freaks, this ends tomorrow!! Galtime is giving away some free coffee goodies: two bags of coffee from Eight O’Clock Coffee and a [...]

Overspending Alert! Just to be forewarned—we quashed the budget this weekend. Something akin to over a hundred dollars, obliterated. A peek at our spoils unveiled a few monstrosities. Our budget was blown on: * A penchant for pricey and delicious Oktoberfest brews. * Accumulation of necessary ingredients for a ‘finer dining’ type of meal experience. [...]

Saving is the cornerstone to building a strong and abundant financial future. It’s past midnight. The apartment is blessedly silent and I’m curled up on the couch with my tablet, pondering this thought: I am truly amazed at how little people save. Many of my friends subsist paycheck-to-paycheck, and they believe stashing away a few [...]

God, I hate bills. Every so often I retreat to my work area, clutching tattered scraps of invoices and receipts, and indulge in a heinously liberating tantrum of writhing in a corner and having a moan while banging my head against the hardwood. While chanting: go away, bills, gooo awaaayyyy. (thrashing and banging) Then someone [...]

Languorous Austerity

…languorous austerity “As long as you still experience the stars as something “above your head”, you lack the eye of knowledge.” —Friedrich Nietzsche scanty reflection. =^..^=

I am suffering through a severe lack of sleep. The wee one has been wrangling a fever-induced wakefulness the past two nights due to her one-year shots last week; not only am I pale and sluggish, but a persistent throbbing has emanated from behind my left eyeball, making it nearly impossible to stare at a [...]

Welcome to the Labor Day Edition of the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie! Enjoy perusing all the great entries this Labor Day and please take a moment to share a salient post or two on your social media platforms and through your blogs. Also remember, this carnival is hosted every second week by My University Money [...]

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