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    Broke-Ass Mommy first started tracking Alexa rankings after joining the Yakezie Challenge in July 2012, when this site was only a few weeks old. Here were my rankings at that time:

    July 10, 2012--
    Alexa ranking: 3,507,434
    rank within U.S. : 362,177

    My current Alexa rankings:

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Of course, children have deep sentimental value to their parents and other loved ones. Their bright smiles, zany antics and boundless energy help endear them to practically everyone they meet, at least for a while. Nevertheless, the fact remains that since the decline of farms and the establishment of child labor laws, the earning potential [...]

My Granpops peacefully succumbed to a battle with a prolonged illness this week and the reality of his passing is still seeping in. When I was younger, us grandkids loved to crawl through the numerous tunnels of his wine cellar and I remember it feeling like a vast labyrinth; we’d stumble and giggle down in [...]

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    Striving to reach one financial goal at a time.

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    My current financial challenge, as a stay-at-home mom, is to raise $1,000, somehow.


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