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Archive for the 'Don’t Know Where The Hell This Goes' Category

Valentine’s Day is rubbish. It’s such a ridiculous holiday full of insipid gestures that are blatantly obvious spending contrivances, and that bugs the ever-living shit out of me. (See here: Festively a minimalist. Yes, I am a true holiday joy.) And, for those lacking a significant other…how dare you be single, you sad smudge of [...]

Alas, it’s Monday, again. (Insert a somewhat unintelligible grunt. Which, in Jennifer language, translates roughly to: good morning, all. Do try to enjoy your Monday.) Here are some assorted updates since my site last week went kerflooey and got hacked to bits. It seems my web host experienced a walloping bout of hacking occurrences over [...]

Hello! It’s been so long! Well, I’m sitting here struggling to get through my first batch of coffee, and enjoying a snack, while dealing with multiple headaches on the blogging front. This week my site was hacked to bits and M. is strenuously devoted to clearing out all of the nasty boo boo’s, to restore [...]

Have you ever lost a friend over money? What happens when friends are less than supportive of your financial viewpoints and certain financial discrepancies cause tension in your relationships? Vividly I recall that worst. feeling. ever: of being squashed beneath $15,000 worth of debt and all of those crippling feelings that encompass trying to conquer [...]

This week, I cringe to admit, M. received another parking ticket. I swear to god, between both of our cars, the parking tickets we have received since moving into the city together a year and a half ago has morphed into an absolutely ridiculous amount. Hello, what the hell is wrong with us? And it [...]

Time, it just…evaporates. This week, I have decided to keep a log of how I spend my time. Since having a baby, I cannot recall feeling restless or bored because the days just dwindle away so quickly now. But where do all of those hours really go? Then it dawned on me: in order to [...]

Yesterday Lexi and I ventured to the library together for the first time. As soon as we stepped into the sunniness of the lobby, I felt right at home. Libraries are like the perfect sanctuary—where it is okay to tip-toe about and wander a bit lost before stumbling into different worlds. It is okay to [...]

Holy smokes. I logged into this site last night and immediately I was battered by one hundred and eighteen 129 spam comments—all from yesterday. (Oops, more came through this morning.) Was there a change or update somewhere that I have been oblivious to, that is attracting all of these unsolicited messages? This is my first [...]

Dear interwebs: I have dipped into a zillion different types of desserts and some spiced wine and it is GLORIOUS. Happy holidays to all—don’t get too loaded, you smurfs. a jolly ‘olly Christmas Wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year (or, as my drunk Uncle might mumble: “Merry Christmas and Happy Go-to-hell.”) hugs, me.

Noticeably I have been absent this week, and the third “Hi, are you dead?” type of email just popped into my inbox. I am fine, my zexy kittens. It just has been a frenetic, nutsy type of week. Here is a quick spewing of mental vomit, with a recap. (And apologies for wonky grammar!): Relatives [...]

Dearest Lexi, as your mommy, the things I am not. I am not your chew toy to gnaw on to test-drive pointy little incisors. Nor is my nipple. I am not The Keeper of your stuffed animals. There will be a new rule: if YOU chuck Mr. Blobby into the toilet, YOUR FATHER will fish [...]

She paints a world inside her room. A sea of violet covered stars. She finds a home inside this cold. She never sleeps enough to ever feel sane. ~Janus, “Lifeless” Okay, I’m stressed out. It’s been an insane whirl of activity with holidays and family obligations and lack of sleep due to toddler teething and [...]

Officially I am in this vigorous declutter-all-of-my-stuff zone. Witnessing an orgy of insatiable consumerism (propelled by events such as Black Friday) stimulates me to be cognizant of at least one thing: I have too much crap all ready. And I am so, so tired of the endless string of commercials and email blasts, urging me [...]

A shocking disclosure. With a forecast of nearly 76°F today, I will be escaping the clutches of the internet to caper through some enchanted forest pocket of woodlands with my butter bean, and other groovy shenanigans. Enjoy those lazy days of autumn and see you tomorrow-ish. =^..^=

FINALLY I have an opportunity to loll about with a cup of tea while I update my finances and catch up on some writing tasks. It took three hours to wrestle Lexi down for a decent nap today and when she insists on skipping sleep like this, she mutates into this drunk-y and crazed savage [...]

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