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    Broke-Ass Mommy first started tracking Alexa rankings after joining the Yakezie Challenge in July 2012, when this site was only a few weeks old. Here were my rankings at that time:

    July 10, 2012--
    Alexa ranking: 3,507,434
    rank within U.S. : 362,177

    My current Alexa rankings:

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This is SUPER awesome. With group effort an idea manifested into a book. Over the past few months, eleven supremely talented financial bloggers (plus yours truly ) contributed bits and pieces to collaborate on a very special writing project, The A-Z of Saving Money. I had a blast with creating my two chapters, and I [...]

Enter below to win $100.00 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice). Are you struggling to find that perfect gift with distinctive character? Valentine’s Day nearly is here and you don’t want to be caught futzing around with last minute gift ideas, or be left empty-handed. …gift shopping from the heart. While shopping [...]

Enter below to win $100.00 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) !! Have you gone buck wild with your finances and now you are broke and dwelling in the poor house with threadbare pockets? Financial responsibility begins with you. Now is the time to stop making excuses and derailing your financial progress. [...]

Brrr… I am lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and you can find me scurrying about like a loony as I efficiently attempt to get everything scratched off of our to-do list. Time simply is evaporating and things are a wee berserk around here. Family is arriving from Montana on Friday evening [...]

Enter below to win $100.00 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) !! Hello everyone, did you have a productive weekend? I am excited to announce our latest giveaway for this broke-ass Monday. With ever-increasing food prices haunting us, the theme of this giveaway will be dealing with the relevant financial issue of [...]

I love photos. Unfortunately as a busy mom, it’s difficult to focus on proudly arranging and displaying myriads of my photographs everywhere. So I was super jazzed when a high-quality canvas print arrived, courtesy of Printcopia. Printcopia specializes in canvas prints and offers a wide range of print products perfect for your business or personal [...]

** Sponsors have upgraded the Grand Prize to $100, woo! Enter below to win a chance at the grand prize of $50 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) or five $5 cash prizes !! Enter below to win $100.00 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) !! Hi everyone, it’s [...]

Enter below to win a chance at $100 Cash through Paypal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice) !! It is essential to make it a priority to establish an emergency fund. Having an emergency fund shapes wise financial habits and is a huge milestone once achieved. I used to live paycheck to paycheck and every [...]

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    My current financial challenge, as a stay-at-home mom, is to raise $1,000, somehow.


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