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    Broke-Ass Mommy first started tracking Alexa rankings after joining the Yakezie Challenge in July 2012, when this site was only a few weeks old. Here were my rankings at that time:

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Archive for July, 2012

Thursday evening, M. and I spontaneously decided we wanted to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday while camping by the ocean. We compiled a rough budget, and by four-thirty a.m. on Saturday morning, our rusty-orange Caliber was stuffed with gear and we were cruising five hundred miles to Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Our Anticipated Budget For Our [...]

Due to an itsy-bitsy tick munching into the crook of my arm, I spent most of yesterday at the doctor’s office being treated for tick bite. : ( (And a slight burn, but more on that later.) Thursday morning, M. and I discussed whether to camp out for one more night or head to Boston [...]

Right now it’s almost midnight and I had to use a flashlight to stumble my way to the bathroom. M. and I packed the car up Friday night and drove eight hours to Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Right now, I’m huddled in a tent in utter darkness, tapping out an update from M.’s 3G phone. Tomorrow [...]

Bitcoin, the ‘Comeback Kid’ — how a transient financial decision may be turning into a viable (and lucrative) emerging crypto-currency. Source: Prospecting Journal Community-orientated currencies have always fascinated me. There is something so darn compelling about a thriving, robust community transforming their hard-earned life energy into something honest and tangible and having that vision unfold [...]

Sit back and enjoy, dear reader, a period of merrymaking, feasting and celebration during our financial carnivals, made possible by; The Ultimate Juggle, who served as our gracious host for Yakezie Carnival: The Summer Heat Edition. And Nerd Wallet, who marked the jubilee of Totally Money Carnival #28. There were many participants this week–ensuring enough [...]

Is it time to kiss our credit union goodbye? Recently M. and I stopped by our local credit union to proudly stash some of our family savings, roughly $5,000, away into a joint savings account. Everything was going swimmingly — until the first statement arrived in the mail. I was perplexed by a continuous charge [...]

A few bitty bobs from a Sunday evening scouring the inter-webs. New York Times (July 13, 2012) – That’s No Phone. That’s My Tracker. The device in your purse or jeans that you think is a cellphone — guess again. It is a tracking device that happens to make calls. Let’s stop calling them phones. [...]

Officially, it’s an ‘I’m frazzled’ friday. A morning where I surge out of bed and dismally announce to the world: I’m feeling frazzled. M: (rolls eyes) Lexi:  ::sounds a baby makes:: (grabs at booby) I’m grateful for how seriously they take me. Source: The Cat Woman It’s a frazzled tale where; Mysteriously, my favorite Winnie-the-Pooh [...]

Some mid-week photography: “What you seek is seeking you.” -Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi Related articles on photography that may tickle your pickle: Seeking Splendor in the Morning Glint Airport Lounging

There is a ‘twenty random things‘ meme circulating through the blogosphere and I compiled my own list this morning. Just thought I’d share. So, how’s your Monday? Det land endnu er skønt, thi blå sig søen bælter, og løvet står så grønt Og ædle kvinder, skønne mø’r og mænd og raske svende bebo de danskes [...]

Once every few months I peek at my finances to crunch some numbers and receive an overview of my financial well-being, and I’m tickled pink to share with you. (When I talk about financial stuff with my significant other, his eyes glaze over. This is what he hears: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.) [...]

Because, who doesn’t love a Broke-Ass Monday? Enjoy some of this fun free stuff circulating around the web. Broke-Ass Monday Don’t miss out on your chance to:  Win a Kindle Touch from Love Home Swap (US & Canada, ends July 9) For fellow drifters and vagabonds, win the NY Times ’36 Hours Travel’ book from [...]

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