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I am suffering through a severe lack of sleep. The wee one has been wrangling a fever-induced wakefulness the past two nights due to her one-year shots last week; not only am I pale and sluggish, but a persistent throbbing has emanated from behind my left eyeball, making it nearly impossible to stare at a [...]

Welcome to the Labor Day Edition of the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie! Enjoy perusing all the great entries this Labor Day and please take a moment to share a salient post or two on your social media platforms and through your blogs. Also remember, this carnival is hosted every second week by My University Money [...]

Time to break out the balance sheet in the hope that my finances aren’t roasting in a huge inferno of suck. Credit Card / Car Loan / Student Loan Debt: $0 Expenses: $200 on control arm for a faulty ball joint on the vehicle last week, and an additional $68 for a new axle (which [...]

Frugality. Prudent money management. Savings. Investing. No debt. My financial foundation. But given the caricatured scenario above, I can’t help but wonder how well college students and graduates are handling their finances. This cartoon certainly depicts M., a computer engineer, who received his Bachelors diploma—and nearly $60,000 worth of debt—from a state university five years ago. [...]

Ugh. Expenses. This weekend was brutal, financially. Another wedding. (Our second within a month.) A stag party last night. And another wedding reception next weekend. M. and I calculated our wedding gift expenses, and it’s reaching such an exorbitant amount, I feel foolish (as a professed frugal-y chick) confessing the amount. I wonder how others [...]

Bitcoin, the ‘Comeback Kid’ — how a transient financial decision may be turning into a viable (and lucrative) emerging crypto-currency. Source: Prospecting Journal Community-orientated currencies have always fascinated me. There is something so darn compelling about a thriving, robust community transforming their hard-earned life energy into something honest and tangible and having that vision unfold [...]

Is it time to kiss our credit union goodbye? Recently M. and I stopped by our local credit union to proudly stash some of our family savings, roughly $5,000, away into a joint savings account. Everything was going swimmingly — until the first statement arrived in the mail. I was perplexed by a continuous charge [...]

Once every few months I peek at my finances to crunch some numbers and receive an overview of my financial well-being, and I’m tickled pink to share with you. (When I talk about financial stuff with my significant other, his eyes glaze over. This is what he hears: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.) [...]

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. [Even the longest journey must begin where you stand.] Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC) ~¤~¤~ Last week while analyzing my finances, I decided to come up with a financial challenge to raise $1,000, somehow. These financial challenges [...]

I am certainly no stranger to debt and chronicled my financial journey paying off $15,000 worth of debt over at Broke-Ass Student. Debt can feel suffocating and excruciatingly overwhelming, but now, three years later, I am so proud to have killed off that nasty beast and accumulate a healthy personal savings; in fact, I’d be [...]

Ten and a half months into my stay-at-home mommy gig, and I’m stuck in a financial rut. Here’s my dilemma. I’ve decided to stay home with my daughter during her first years. Right now she requires huge chunks of my time, which means a part-time job isn’t feasible. While my significant other is away being [...]

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